Re-visit: Antidote MTB film

Back in 2013 we supported the Antidote Mountain Bike film created by Jacob Gibbins from Aspect Media. The film followed a selection of the UK's best mountain bikers to see what they got up to in their off season, including local boy to Exempt, Brendan Fairclough.


Here is the full length film for you to check out:

Antidote - Full film a Mountain Biking video by AspectMediaUK

Official Blurb:

Antidote was Aspect media's first full film and it follows a selection of the UK's best mountain bikers from both DH and freeride in what they get up to in the off seasons. With riders such as Brendan Fairclough, Olly WIlkins, Taylor Vernon, Rich Thomas, Jono and Matt Jones, Joe Smith, Matt Simmonds, Danny Hart, Sam Pilgrim and Sam Reynolds theres a wealth of tallent involved.

Shot all over the UK and abroad.

Big thanks to Monster Energy and Giant Bicycles for making it happen and and Exempt clothing for supporting us.

Giving you the heads up!

We love designing and coming up with great new items for our clothing range. The last few months have been really exciting for us and the feedback from YOU and our sponsored network has given us lots of positive smiles! We wish we could tell you now what we've got in-store for the coming Autumn/Winter season, but with the summer as it is (hot!), you're just going to have to wait! assured we've been beavering away with some great items... so watch this space!

Lachlan appearance in Behind the Bill video

Every year for the last 3 we have harped on about the Fort William Mountain Bike World Cup on our social media. We have attended the expo area and intend to go back for years to come. The event is great fun for mountain bike lovers to get involved in the village that is set up, see the latest products from many brands and get close to the worlds best riders. This year was our team rider Lachlan Blair's first year riding in the elite class after racing in the juniors last year and being a course marshall the year before. He features in this behind the scenes video of the Fort William build up representing the riders point of view.

Have a watch and get a feel for why we get so excited about making the trip up to Scotland each year. Plus check out Lachlan's new hair cut - we think he's smartening up his look ready for a bike sponsorship offer...


April 29, 2014



Today we start the month long launch of our 2014 T-Shirt range, The Brain Wash Collection. We'll be releasing a new design every Friday throughout May. To celebrate we'll be giving away one of the new t-shirts every launch-day in a #FreeFromRulesFriday bonanza. 

You can win simply by "liking" and "sharing" the link we post on Facebook every #FreeFromRulesFriday and we'll randomly pick a winner and inform you on the link. It's that easy! 

March 18, 2014


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Facebook Competition Winner Announcement!

It's finally time to announce the winner of the Exempt Clothing Facebook competition. Winner recieves some Monster DNA Headphones, Exempt Sound Wave Hoodie and Exempt Inc T-shirt, prize pack worth £230!

But first, thank you to all that entered and helped spread the word for Exempt. We really do appreciate every 'like', 'share' and 're-tweet' we get. 

You can follow us on the different social links below to keep up to date on all competitions, latest product news and discounts. 


So, we won't keep you any longer.... Well done to Alex Holden! You are the winner of this awesome package. We'll be in touch shorty to arrange delivery. 

Thanks again to all that entered. Whilst you're here, why not check out the rest of the site and see what we're about? There's a whole array of different products and pages to take a look at. 
We're also currently working on a new range which we hope to launch soon, so be sure to come back and check that out. Theres some big things going on!


Roscoe @ Exempt Clothing


January 27, 2014


Facebook Competition Now Live!

The Exempt Cothing Facebook competition is NOW LIVE! 

Head over to our Facebook page to enter for your chance to win an Exempt Inc T-Shirt, the awesome Soundwave Hoodie with two discreet Phone/Media device pockets within front pocket and cable routing holes for headphones PLUS... some Monster DNA headphones. Total prize pack worth £230. 

Theres really not much to it. You just need to 'like' the exempt clothing Facebook page and enter your email address. Thats it!
You can increase your chances with multiple entries by sharing the page or tweeting the comp. 

For full terms and conditions, head over to the comp page here...


Exempt Clothing Welcomes Scotty Stallman To The Team


Exempt Clothing are proud to finally announce the latest Team Exempt member, Scotty Stallman.
Scotty is just 12 years old and mad on water sports, particularly wind surfing.
He joins fellow junior mountain bike world cup rider Lachlan Blair in the Team Exempt line-up.

We're so pleased to be adding Scotty to the Team and supporting him in the future. He might be young but he really lives and breaths the exempt way of life and is a perfect addition to the team.

We first met Scotty at the National Water Sports Festival on Hayling Island where he was one of the first to buy the exempt Swobble hat. We got chatting and started to follow his twitterfeed.
It was clear from the photos he was posting that he had a real talent. But it wasn't just the pictures, we loved they way he was always out doing something. Always on the water and really getting out there. A real 'free from rules' attitude and keenness to make the most of his time off school.

Scotty took some time to answer a few questions and give us a bit of an insight as to what he's up to.

So we first met you at the 2013 National Water Sports Festival on Hayling Island. Being the young age of 12, how long have you been into water sports and how did you get into it?

I have been windsurfing now for just over 3 years, just after my ninth birthday my Mum and Dad took me over to Portland Harbour where the local windsurfing centre (the OTC) were running windsurfing ‘taster’ sessions in the evenings, which I enjoyed so much I think I went three times in the first week!

What disciplines of water sports do you participate in? 

Windsurfing is my main water sport. There are many different disciplines within windsurfing itself. I enjoy slalom racing, speed sailing (where I’m a member of the Portland Pirates GPS speed team, we compete against teams from all over the world, with all our results logged online producing monthly league tables, I have had a really good year speed sailing and I’m currently the fastest in my age group with 30.25 knts and ranked joint first overall), this autumn I have discovered wave sailing which has been totally amazing!

I am also a member of Weymouth Sailing Club where I love sailing RS Feva’s and if I have any spare time (and there is no wind…) I go kayaking.  

Is there any other sports or hobbies that you get up to when not on the water?

When I’m not on the water I will be mountain biking or playing football for Dorchester Stars FC.

Do you have sporting heroes that you look up to? Who are they? 

I don’t have any particular sporting heroes as such, but I do have total respect for any sports man or woman who is totally committed to their sport and always gives 100%.

Where do you do most of your sports? 

Mainly Portland Harbour, Kimmeridge, Ringstead and Overcombe and around Dorset at the moment.

You’re involved with OTC Windsurf. Can you tell us a bit more about them and what they do?

OTC stands for the Official Test Centre and they were the first centre in the windsurfing industry to stock all the major brands under one roof so that their clients can test and compare the kit for themselves. Their first centre was in Tenerife and now they're based here in Weymouth, at the National Sailing Academy. As well as stocking the latest kit, they also have a really active windsurfing school. There are lots of schools that go there regularly (including mine - Wey Valley) and there are plenty of other young windsurfers sailing from the OTC now, who learnt at the centre over the last few years. There's a great atmosphere at the centre - lots of top national and international sailors there all the time (such as Ross Williams), so plenty going on and lots of inspiring guys to watch on the water. They also have a large 14' trailer now, so can provide a mobile facility and travel along the coast to other spots (including wave locations!) so the OTC concept keeps the sport exciting and keeps us learning. 

What are your plans for 2014 and ambitions for the future? 

Plenty of time on the water!, I have set myself some new targets for windsurfing, speedsurfing - 35 knts, slalom – move up to the amateur fleet in the BSA slalom events, wave sailing – forward looping (this one I’m going to dedicate a lot of time to!). I am also going to travel and possibly compete in some windsurfing events around the southern part of the country.

Finally, which of the exempt clothing products that we have sent you do you most like and why? 

Ah, tricky one… love the hoodies but it’s got to be the grey swobble hat, totally awesome!


Welcome to the team Scotty! 

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